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M.A.R.C. inspiring, world-class training facility is located in the cultural and economic urban hub of Miami, Florida. Dubbed "The Gateway to the Americas" because of its cultural and linguistic connections to North, Central and South America, Miami also shares ties with the Caribbean, making it a key "world city" and relevant locations for operations.

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M.A.R.C. Institute brings advanced educational, training and conference facilities to Miami – a true “destination” location, and the “gateway of the America”. Because M.A.R.C. Institute was envisioned as a cutting-edge and technological mature facility from its inception, every aspect of the facility’s planning and construction has been carefully considered, ensuring that the center will exceed future expectations for growth, advancements in technology, and shifts in purpose.

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Medical Device Patent Development

As a physician, you have a unique perspective on some of the most difficult problems facing patients and their healthcare providers. Through your expe...

Universidades brasileiras vão ter acesso a centro de estudo americano por pen drive

Universidades brasileiras firmaram uma parceria inédita para o ensino de medicina. As instituições de ensino envolvidas no acordo usarão um dispositiv...

Foot Dissection Video

The question stands; how will students practice on tissue that resembles rubber, has no fluids, blood or pliability like that of a fresh frozen cadave...

UNICD x MARC Institute

MARC Institute (Miami, USA) and UNICID (University of Sao Paulo city, Grupo Educacional Cruzeiro do Sul) were signed an agreement of Educational and S...

Dr. Patricia Oyole Maal Explains The Importance Of Cadaver Training

Dr. Patricia Oyole Maal explains why Cadaver Training is important for Research and Development of Techniques.

Getting Back to Cycling After Knee Arthroscopy Surgery

If you've undergone knee arthroscopy as a cyclist, here is some information you may find useful!

Advanced Dermatology and Orofacial Cosmetic Surgery Dental Course - Congratulations!

Advanced Dermatology and Orofacial Cosmetic Surgery Dental Course was conducted at our facility and we'd like to congratulate them in completing such ...

Recovering from Knee Arthroscopy

Knee arthroscopy can be used to remove foreign objects, repair torn ligaments, remove problematic parts, repair a torn meniscus, and much more.
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