We are equipped with 7 restrooms total.
Yes, we are equipped with a large parking lot and we also have nearby parking lots available for local participants that drive to the facility themselves.
We are located less than 5 miles from Miami International Airport. However due to traffic, we always suggest at least 30 minutes for travel. We are located 23 miles from Ft. Lauderdale airport and we suggest allowing one and a half hours for travel. Both travel times are calculated assuming you’re leaving the facility during rush hour. Travel time may be significantly less based on the time of day/day of the week.
Yes, our facility is handicapped accessible. We have an entrance ramp around the back area of the facility. We are equipped with handicapped stalls in all of our restrooms. We also have an elevator to get to our upstairs meeting space.

Audio Visual

We at the MARC do not personally provide translation services. However, we have one company that we have worked with for years that can translate two languages simultaneously. (i.e. English presenter, Portuguese and Spanish translation)
Our largest meeting space, the auditorium, seats up to 104 people. It is equipped with two large projectors in which we can display your media on. There is a confidence monitor that only the presenter can see while he/she is presenting their material. We are also equipped with a video conferencing system, lavalieres and hand held microphones. Our two board rooms each hold 12-15 people each and are equipped with a large monitor in which we can hook your media up to. We also have one meeting space upstairs that can accommodate 25 participants. That room is equipped with 3 monitors surrounding the seating area and we can hook your media up to those screens as well. We provide a clicker/laser pointer to advance through PowerPoint’s and use on the screen. No microphones are necessary in our smaller meeting spaces.
We are equipped with Mac’s, computers, and most adapters. You have the option to either bring your own media, computer, tablet, ipad, etc. Or you can provide us with a flash drive that contains all necessary files for your course. We test all material and technology prior to your event to assure it is all working properly.


Yes, we are able to accommodate all food specifications. Please give us atleast 15 days lead time if you need to make dietary arrangements for participants.
We, at the MARC, do not provide transportation to and from hotels and airports. However, we have a taxi log in which we can arrange taxi pickups for your participants. We also suggest certain transportation companies that we utilize and trust for our customers’ needs.
Yes. We can accommodate any mixture of meal packages you would want. You can pick a package and customize it to your liking. Please inquire about creating your own package when you book your course with us.


All donors are thoroughly tested for HIV, Hepatitis B and Hepatitis C. No tissue is permitted into this facility if they test positive for any of the above-mentioned diseases.
Absolutely! You can make requests in regards to BMI, gender, medical history, tooth count, etc. These specific requests must be made atleast 60 days prior to your scheduled course. The more specific the request, the more lead time we need.
We offer all types of PPE, or personal protective equipment. We are equipped with isolation gowns, gloves, masks, shoe covers, boot covers, scrub caps and bouffant caps, eye protection, lead aprons. Anything additional we can order specifically for your event (i.e. lead glasses)
We will hold a conference call with you and your team 30 days or more, prior to the date of your event. On that conference call, we will go over all final details and we will recap exactly what we at the MARC are providing and what you will need to bring. We provide the cadaveric specimen, all general instruments, PPE, lab personnel and more. For an additional cost we can offer specialized instrumentation, bovies, c-arms, CT scans pre or post event, breakable tables, etc. Again, the more equipment/ material you will need, the more lead time we need to ensure it arrives in time for your event.
We provide scrubs here at the MARC for all participants. If you are participating in the wet lab portion of your course, we suggest close toed and comfortable shoes. All basic PPE is provided and specific material may be ordered if need be.
No pictures or videos are allowed in our lab area. Due to HIPPA and the confidentiality of the donor’s identity, we do not permit photos or videos during your course of the cadavers. Group photos, photos in our didactic rooms, and photography/videography under pre-approved standards, are acceptable. Please inquire further with us in regards to this topic when you book your course.
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