There is a high point in the formation of a professional which is the time when all theoretical knowledge accumulated over the years begins to turn into practical, surgical and manual skills.

At the MARC Institute healthcare professionals can reach this point at an earlier stage. In addition to learning new skills and techniques, and contributing to the training of other professionals. This is the MARC Educational model.

Anatomy & Dissection Personal Hands On Training

Human cadaver training allows healthcare professionals to study many things, such as, observing muscles, bones and organs in a life size model. This gives the healthcare professional a more precise idea of the size and location than can be acquired using a textbook, models or a computer.


Have an idea for a course? We have all gone to educational course that just didn’t give you what you were looking for. The MARC Institute offers you the ability to have your own course. Leave all the planning to us.
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The Neo Idea system is a content distribution platform created for those who need certification and control.
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M.A.R.C. Institute Learning Center

M.A.R.C. inspiring, world-class training facility is located in the cultural and economic urban hub of Miami, Florida. Dubbed "The Gateway to the Americas" because of its cultural and linguistic connections to North, Central and South America, Miami also shares ties with the Caribbean, making it a key "world city" and relevant locations for operations.

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