Janet Mahaffey

Program Manager at Aesculap M.A.R.C.

“The staff at the MARC are beyond excellent. They provide terrific administrative support and are always flexible to our company needs".

“We have always had an excellent experience, starting with the planning process. The ease of scheduling our events, equipment and conference room availability, as well as the state of the art auditorium, enhances our training experiences".

I am currently working in the Aesculap Academy as a Programs Manager for 13 years.  I enjoy the interaction with marketing, surgeons and lab personnel.  One of my favorite parts about working at Aesculap is knowing that the products we make affect and help so many people. What we do is important, and not everyone can say that.

My job keeps me on my toes. I like knowing I can have a positive impact on both Aesculap, surgeons and the employees I work with daily. I am the eyes, ears and voice for the company and our employees – and I pride myself in ensuring everyone is given the tools to be successful. Working toward that goal makes me want to work harder in everything I do.

To me, each day working at Aesculap provides me with new challenges and new things to discover. 

On a daily basis, I create new processes to help make our team more productive. It’s saving a person’s life – our company’s vision – and our values that first sold me on Aesculap. And when I came on board, I realized they weren’t just words on a wall, but ones we live by. Working toward that goal, and having our team by my side, is what makes work more than just a job.

It’s unique to work for an organization that shares the same values I believe in, and I take pride in working here. 

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