The MARC was conceived with the dream of bringing education of new medical technologies and practices for all healthcare professionals throughout the world. To create a brotherhood of learning and sharing of ideas and experiences. In order to achieve this and move forward towards the dream we have created the MARC Institute for all to utilize as a seed for this growth. It consists of hands on practical experience using the newest and advanced instrumentation to give real life exposure to many surgical problems. Part of the process is anatomy dissection, pathological disease recognition, and present and future technique to address these issues as a mechanism to bring better healthcare to the world.

Gathering of information, sharing and collecting data for industry, societies, medical hospital personnel, physicians, and university and students coincidently with hands on and advanced media technologies is a major challenge that we deal with daily.

Our Values

We have created a great working environment, technologies, and a great team to make this goal attainable throughout the world. If you have been involved with the MARC you have experienced some of this.

We have expanded our horizons with increased resources, technology and a total approach to differentiate us from just other labs. Please share this exciting adventure with us as we make this worldwide journey from Miami with the MARC Institute.

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