Advanced Dermatology and Orofacial Cosmetic Surgery Dental Course - Congratulations!

By:Heloise Peixoto


Congratulations for Completing your Course!

M.A.R.C. Institute hosted an advanced anatomy course on Surgical Orofacial Cosmiatry. This four day course covered facial anatomy, painting and design, clinical cases, treatment techniques, bone defect filling and more. 

The teaching Physicians were: Dr. Flavio Luposeli, Dr. Samanta Nunes and Dr. Silvio Kello De Freitas who are all world renown Brazilian doctors and it was an honor being in their presence. Using our facility not only provides the perfect lecturing environment through use of our auditoriums and boardrooms as well as classrooms but also the perfect opportunity to execute hands-on practice by taking advantage of our cadaver lab!

It's important to mimic as accurately as possible the real conditions encountered in the surgery room, which you won't find practicing on mannequins. That is the M.A.R.C. Institute experience and we are thankful for being part of a program that provides medical innovation and practice.



What will you Learn with the M.A.R.C. Institute?

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