COVID-19: Safety Measures and Reopening


MARC’s COVID-19 Initiatives - A new way of life!

Foremost, we hope you are all safe and doing well. The MARC Institute is constantly monitoring the development of COVID-19 and taking the appropriate and necessary precautions for the safety and well-being of our community.  Following all federal, CDC and state health guidelines we plan to resume to operations on May 26th 2020.

As you know the MARC is one of the largest Bio-skills labs in the world with many features and capabilities. With our size of over 18,000 square feet, unique layout and implemented initiatives, we are making the best effort to make our facility as safe as possible for all employees and guests.

In addition to our existing standard operating procedures the following outlined protocols will allow us to effectively manage the safety of our daily business.  We appreciate you respecting and adhering to the guidelines. Suggested protocols are subject to change based on conditions and local government regulations. Any comments, feedback or suggestions regarding implemented protocols are openly welcomed. 

For any customers that still may have safety concerns, the MARC has broadcasting and content development capabilities for virtual education. This can be used for all of your lab course needs or a hybrid-model allowing for “in person” attendees as well as “remote” participants.  We are always willing to improve our quality, service and compliance. 

We thank you for your continued business and we look forward to developing our relationship further. 



  • Employees will not report to work if they are feeling ill or are demonstrating any symptoms of illness.
  • All MARC Institute employees will have their temperatures checked daily.
  • MARC Institute will operate with a limited staff not to exceed 10 employees in adherence with CDC Guidelines. 
  • Social distancing of 6+ feet and hand hygiene practices will be implemented.
  • All MARC Institute employees will answer a health status questionnaire upon reporting to work
  • Please dispose of all PPE in designated trash receptacles
  • A contracted maintenance company will continue to clean and disinfect all common spaces (including conference rooms, restrooms, labs, elevators, etc.) of the MARC Institute 
  • Efforts will be made to only book one client at a time. Prior notice will be given for any exceptions.
  • MARC Institute will continue to review and update safety protocols on a daily basis adjusting to work needs.



  • All waivers must be signed and submitted electronically prior to event date.
  • Attendees must electronically sign a self-attestation questionnaire regarding symptoms to be able to access the MARC Institute facility.
  • Attendees will be requested to arrive wearing scrubs to mitigate unnecessary contact in the locker rooms. 
  • Attendees will be asked to stagger their arrivals to eliminate crowding at registration.
  • Standing spots have been marked on the sidewalk outside of the MARC Institute entrance at six feet increments
  • Use of mask is mandatory at all times within MARC Institute premises. Attendees will receive a surgical mask to be worn upon entrance of the building. 
  • Suggested CDC Social distancing guidelines must be maintained throughout the building at all times.
  • Attendees will receive their seat assignment (didactic location) and station assignment (lab) upon arrival
  • Hand-Sanitizing stations will be available for use upon arrival 



  •  All meeting spaces are equipped with hand-sanitizer dispensers 

  • Attendees will have assigned seating
  • Social distancing must be respected and will be enforced by MARC staff.
  • Meeting spaces are limited to 50% of their capacity
    • Auditorium 52 people
    • Boardrooms 6 people
    • Upstairs Class-Room 10 people
    • Whenever possible, we prefer the majority of activities, including didactic sessions, are held in the laboratories where PPE is required. Seating and AV equipment can be provided.



    • Gathering in common areas is allowed so long as social distancing is respected, and all attendees are wearing masks.
    • Bathrooms are limited to 3 people at a time
    • All guests are expected to wash/sanitize hands before returning to activities in meeting space and laboratory.
    • There will be hand-sanitizer stations and disinfectant wipes available throughout the facility for your convenience
    • Locker Rooms are limited to: 
      • MEN’s Locker Room - 6 people at a time 
      • WOMEN’s - 3 people at a time.
      • Scrubs will not be provided unless needed on a per case basis. We prefer attendees come wearing their own scrubs
      • Locker Room keys are available at Reception and are sterilized every day at the end of event.
      • Storage will be provided for personal articles if need be and should not be carried through the facility



      •  Catering services when requested by customers will be limited to individually packed meals only (boxed lunch). No coffee breaks and beverage stations will be available.

      • Attendees are welcome to use the cafeteria, limited to 12 people at a time
      • Attendees can utilize the outside tented area maintaining social distancing 
      • The use of the refrigerator, coffee maker and other equipment in the Cafeteria is limited to catering staff and MARC employees only.



      • Printing of materials will be limited; digital signatures will be accepted.
      • Accounting Department will provide customers and vendors with electronic banking, online invoicing, and the use of square merchant account for credit card payments (coincides with our efforts to go paperless).



      • All MARC employees will wear N-95 masks throughout the day 
      • Full PPE will be required at all times in lab area
      • Placing additional PPE in all common areas
      • Placing PPE (gloves, masks, gowns, and shoe covers) at every workstation to limit traffic in our hallways 
      • All specimens from 2020 will undergo COVID-19 screening and standard serology reporting
      • Restructuring our labs to allow a minimum distance of 6 feet between workstations 
      • Assigned workstations with no more than 5 participants at a time
      • Participants will rotate in groups of 5 or less when breaking out to lunch to minimize contact
      • Labs will be disinfected with proper cleaning products at the completion of each day 


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