The M.A.R.C. Institute Will Open New Research Labs in Brazil

By:Heloise Peixoto

With an ongoing need for training and research in the medical field, the Miami Anatomical Research Center (M.A.R.C. Institute), one of the most comprehensive and integrated medical research and educational facilities in the United States, has announced it will open MARC’s new research facilities in partnership with major Universities in Brazil. The first facility is scheduled to open on January 30 th in UNICID, São Paulo. The rest will follow shortly.

The M.A.R.C. Institute will provide a more realistic simulation scenario, taking education, training, research and product development to the next level utilizing human fresh frozen anatomical specimens, with all the appropriate licenses, regulations and approvals required by Brazilian and American laws.

"All healthcare professionals need to continue to be trained on new products and new technologies for better patient care", said Allan Weinstein, chief executive officer of M.A.R.C. "Our expansion into Brazil allows for medical networking, the exchange of knowledge, technology and education in both the medical and dental industries not only in Brazil, but worldwide".

Each facility provides the capabilities for specialty lectures, live video/streaming, hands-on anatomical education and multi-specialty training labs, and other services as needed.

"Bringing our innovative and unique research-led education model to Brazil has been a passionate aspiration of ours for many years. Like our Miami facility, the new facilities will offer a realistic environment not only for simulation of surgical procedures for better patient outcome, but for future product development, research and new techniques", said Heloise Ribas Peixoto, COO.

M.A.R.C. Institute is the largest privately owned and operated anatomical lab focusing on medical education, training and research, and medical device patent development. The Institute works with universities, hospitals, societies, medical device companies and healthcare professionals, both medical and dental, to provide hands-on training, informative courses and research.

Studying the human anatomy is an invaluable and indispensable part of medical education. There is no substitute for this valuable gift to medical education. "Every day, most of us walk around enjoying the full benefits of health, in part because of our physician or surgeon’s diligent anatomical study", said Weinstein.

The Brazilian facilities provide a great opportunity for the practitioners in Brazil and Latin America who are eager to learn the most innovative and effective procedures available. Some courses currently offered in our Miami facility will not be available in Brazil, at the present time. “Our goal is to provide all who work in health care the opportunity to upgrade your skills to the next level and improve patient care and outcomes in the communities they serve,” stated Dr. Eduardo Sadao Yonamine, Medical Director of MARC.


Based in Miami, FL the Miami Anatomical Research Center (M.A.R.C. Institute) is one of the most comprehensive and integrated medical research and educational facilities in the United States designed for human anatomical specimen training to improve skills and techniques of medical students and healthcare professionals in the medical and dental industries. Since 2008, the institute has facilitated research and educational courses to over 50,000 participants, medical students, researchers and healthcare professionals in an environment designed to give real-life experience leading to improved patient care, medical device patent development and medical advances. The M.A.R.C. Institute features a 40-station wet bio skill lab training area, auditorium, boardrooms, classrooms and technical capabilities for broadcasting the surgery productions, E-Books online training and complete infrastructure for your meeting.

For more information please contact or call us at (305)716-0966.

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