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By:Dr. Sadao

Between December 2015 and January of 2016, MARC Institute received Prof. Dr. Renato Padovese, Director of Grupo Educacional Cruzeiro do Sul, Prof. Dr. Luiz Henrique do Amaral, Dean of UNICID, Prof. Seram Cricenti, Director of School of Medicine (UNICID), Prof. José Eduardo Gonçalves (Medicine Faculty) and Prof. Mauricio Duarte (Dental Faculty).

In January 2016, MARC Institute (Miami, USA) and UNICID (University of Sao Paulo city, Grupo Educacional Cruzeiro do Sul) were signed an agreement of Educational and Scientific Research between both Institutions.

Visit at MARC Institute

After this protocol of cooperation, more than 115.000 students of UNICID, Medicine Students, Dental Course Students and other Health Professional Students can come to MARC INSTITUTE to improve his surgical abilities and training new procedures at our Institute, in Miami, USA (pic 1 and 2).

In May, 2016, MARC INSTITUTE and UNICID Dental Course was performed its first Surgical Dental Course with Prof. Mauricio Teixeira Duarte and Prof. Luiz de Sá, opened by videoconference by Prof. Luiz Henrique do Amaral (Dean of UNICID) from Sao Paulo, Brazil.

Dental Course at MARC Institute

Next July, 5th to 6th, in cooperation of UNICID and MARC Institute, Anatomy Dissection Course organized by Prof. Prof. Serafim Vincenzo Cricenti and Prof. Luiz Otávio Carvalho de Moraes from UNICID is scheduled at MARC Institute.

Other two course combined with both Institutions will open in the same week: Course of Principles of Fractures (July, 7th) and Cadaver Day Face Dissection (July, 8th). MARC INSTITUTE organize “Cadaver Day Courses” to improve dissection abilities and recognize anatomy structures and students can improve their abilities to dissect better complex structures.

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