The iMARC Experience

Research Development at your Fingertips

MARC institute now has the exclusivity of a powerful content distribution tool certified by a digital key, a USB card that uses new platform technology.  It totally connects you to your targeted audience whether it is your customers, sales people, or internal R&D anywhere around the globe. Check out these amazing features!

  • Cloud based for offline or online use.
  • Customized for your specific applications.
  • Broadcast and production capabilities from 6 input sources to 99 site locations.
  • Live or recorded material.
  • 4k capabilities.
  • Interactivity and data storage for marketing and sales information.
  • R.O.I. information.
  • Travel and meeting cost reduction.
  • Online course certifications.
  • Surgical techniques, new products, training.

The iMARC is a customized connectivity format for accessing and managing a world of knowledge.

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