Cadaver Lab

A cadaver laboratory is a laboratory that uses frozen cadavers for hands-on training, education, and development of new surgical techniques. Cadaver laboratories provide a real life like experience where medical professionals and students, alike, can advance their understanding of human anatomy and physiology in addition to enhancing their practical skills, by exploring and working on human specimens.

At the MARC Institute a variety of questions and doubts from various professionals can be clarified through research and immediate hands-on fresh frozen specimen in our state-of-the-art cadaver lab. These results then become answers and become shared knowledge with hundreds of other professionals.

Education in the Human Cadaver Lab

Lecture classes can only get you so far when it comes to learning new surgical techniques or how to use certain medical devices. Marc Institute is dedicated to providing students with the real hands-on experience they need to apply what they're learning in our courses.

If you're not enrolled in a course and doing research, the the M.A.R.C. Institute Cadaver Lab provides the opportunity to quickly raise, and answer all the questions that come up during the course of conducting medical research by using real models. The end result is transforming doubts into certainties and applying this newly acquired knowledge in daily professional settings.

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Our Fresh Frozen Cadavers

Here at the M.A.R.C.Institute we utilize ONLY freshly-frozen cadavers. The use of these specimen is to mimic lifelike scenarios--one that can only truly be captured through hands-on practice.

We have all ancillary instruments available such as:

  • C- Arms
  • Microscopes
  • Anthroscopy Equipment
  • Small & Large Bone Saw
  • Bovies
  • And more…

All donors are tested thoroughly for infectious diseases such as: HIV, Hepatitis B & C, and are not permitted within the facility unless all tests prove negative.

We also have the capabilities of ordering tissue with any specifications you may be looking for. We can order tissue based on:

  • Age
  • Gender
  • Tooth Count
  • Medical Records

Human Cadaver Advantages

Human cadaver training allows healthcare professionals to study many data points, such as, observing body, muscles, bones and organs in a life size model. This gives the healthcare professional a more precise idea of the size and location than can be acquired using a textbook, models or a computer. Doctors, Fellows and Students get access to practice dissecting human body and train for real surgical center scenarios. 

While a textbook can easily describe what an average condition is, no two people are alike. With a real human cadaver training you will be able to see the different anatomies people have and discover that while all humans do have the same basic anatomy, there are wide variations in how that anatomy research appears.

For a physician, cadaver  training can help improve their surgical technique. Physicians can enhance the effectiveness of the device/implant they use and provide them with a sense comfort and confidence that will transform into their operating room. This also will allow the patient to have an improved post op recovery period and can also in fact decrease the risk of complications post-surgery.

The options are endless here at the M.A.R.C. Institute, and we are more than excited in being involved with bringing your ideas to fruition!

 Cadaver Lab

Developing a Patent?

Have an Invention Idea and don’t know where to go? There are many physicians with great new product and/or methods which would significantly help healthcare standards and practices throughout the world. The MARC Institute has in-house resources and capabilities to turn your ideas from a dream to a reality.

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More About M.A.R.C. Institute: 

M.A.R.C. inspiring, world-class training facility is located in the cultural and economic urban hub of Miami, Florida. Dubbed "The Gateway to the Americas" because of its cultural and linguistic connections to North, Central and South America, Miami also shares ties with the Caribbean, making it a key "world city" and relevant locations for operations.

Wet Lab

At the MARC Institute, we give students and researches the the opportunity to get real applicable experience and to measure and check all resolve questions and get answers by working on real models instead of just a 2D text book. Having a wet lab available is a massive opportunity for all the medical professionals that use our facilities.

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