There is a high point in the formation of a professional which is the time when all theoretical knowledge accumulated over the years begins to turn into practical, surgical and manual skills.


At the MARC Institute healthcare professionals can reach this point at an earlier stage. In addition to learning new skills and techniques, and contributing to the training of other professionals. This is the MARC Educational model.


Why fresh frozen cadavers?


“Some medical procedures should be first taught in cadavers in order to avoid future injuries in patients during a procedure. It protects the patients from  injuries and doctors from medical errors. The cadaver is irreplaceable, even when students use an atlas book. Most atlas book are made of drawings, they don’t replace the reality of the cadaver. Books offer a 2D vision of the anatomy, and the cadavers offer a 3D vision and also many other learning opportunities. Training medical procedures in fresh frozen cadavers is something that can contribute for a fast professional growing. After having procedures done in well preserved specimens they can  be dissected to check the range and accuracy of your treatment. This is something impossible to do in patients”. ( Dr. Altamiro Flavio)