Medical Video Production

At The M.A.R.C. Institute healthcare professionals have access to full service video production experience with a specialized team of professionals and HD and 4K equipment. From start to end medical device companies and healthcare professionals can produce educational and marketing content taking advantage of our diverse network of physicians and dentists from around the world.

Different technologies can be added to the videos including animation and 3D features to create more excitement combined with the fresh frozen cadaver experience.

With our new technology, we can simulate blood flow and adding a real feel to the entire experience. Professionals can prepare material for presentations, product development, training and research.

Medical Broadcasting

Trying to reach your biggest audience possible?


The MARC INSTITUTE can help you with our new broadcast technology platform, production and translation capabilities.


For all of your target audiences in multiple languages, 4k quality, live or streamed from one to 99 different locations with animation, graphics and special effects.


You can also receive important data for your marketing purposes with interactivity capabilities. Let us show and help you connect to the world.