M.A.R.C. is one of the largest facility of its kind the labs are equipped with speakers, lapel microphones, one large flat screen monitor, and a smaller monitor at each individual station. Each lab can accommodate up to 10 stations. The partitions separating our four labs can also be broken down to comfortably fit up to 40 stations if needed. All the monitors can all be operated by our automation system to project images and slideshow presentations as well.


There are two HD production quality cameras readily available, which can be used to record or project lectures and procedures, both in and from the auditorium and laboratory.


In addition, we have also updated to fiber optic lines that can now allow us to directly stream live footage from the laboratory, not only countrywide, but internationally as well.


Our largest meeting space, the auditorium, seats up to 104 people. It is equipped with two large projectors in which we can display your media on. There is a confidence monitor that only the presenter can see while he/she is presenting their material. We are also equipped with a video conferencing system, lavalieres and hand held microphones. Our two board rooms each hold 12-15 people each and are equipped with a large monitor in which we can hook your media up to. We also have one meeting space upstairs that can accommodate 25 participants. That room is equipped with 3 monitors surrounding the seating area and we can hook your media up to those screens as well. We provide a clicker/laser pointer to advance through PowerPoint’s and use on the screen. No microphones are necessary in our smaller meeting spaces.




At The M.A.R.C. Institute healthcare professionals have access to full service video production experience with a specialized team of professionals and HD and  4K equipment. From start to end medical device companies and healthcare professionals can produce educational and marketing content taking advantage of our diverse network of physicians and dentists from around the world. Different technologies can be added to the videos including animation and 3D features to create more excitement combined with the fresh frozen cadaver experience. With our new technology, we can simulate blood flow and adding a real feel to the entire experience.


Professionals can prepare material for presentations, product development, training and research.


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