Getting Started in our Wet Lab

In regards to our wet lab portion of your course, we can accommodate most needs for tissue as well as equipment and instrumentation. We can rent just about any instrument needed with at least a 30-day lead-time.

Instruments include:

  • All ancillaries
  • Specialized tools and instruments
    (spine, GYN, laparoscopic, neurology, etc.)
  • Bovies
  • C-arms
  • Microscopes
  • Insufflation towers
  • …and more!

M.A.R.C. Institute Anatomy Lab

At our facility we also have the ability to make extremely specific requests regarding our cadaver selection. Our Cadaver Lab provides customers with CT scans as well as MRI’s prior to the start of their course if requested. Customers can send us scan protocols and in return we provide them with a detailed report and a hard-copy once they arrive to take their course.

Our Cadaver Lab is equipped with various holders and various different ways in which to mock an operating room setting. Hold all tissue steady with: head holders for neurologists or dentists, knee holders for orthopedics, as well as peg boards for the spine or hip.

Selecting the Right Cadaver for You

We utilize only freshly-frozen cadavers! There use is to mimic lifelike situations that can only truly be captured through hands-on practice. All donors are rigorously tested for infectious diseases such as HIVHepatitis B & C, and are not permitted within the facility unless all tests are proven negative.


There is no criteria too demanding when it comes to ordering tissue. We can order tissue based on:

  • Age
  • Gender
  • Tooth Count
  • Medical Records

The options available are endless here at the M.A.R.C. Institute and we are beyond excited in being involved with bringing your ideas forward! For more information regarding how we can help develop your ideas and bring them to life READ HERE