This is our general instrumentation list:

  • Right Angle
  • Medium Cobb Elevator
  • Sponge Stick
  • Large Cobb Elevator
  • Small Needle Holder
  • Double End Rasp
  • Medium Needle Holder
  • Small Key Elevator
  • Large Needle Holder
  • Medium Key Elevator
  • Curved Kocher
  • Large Key Elevator
  • Straight Kocher
  • Chandler Retractor
  • Allis
  • Kerrison Rongeur 2 MM
  • Peon Curved or Big Kelly
  • Kerrison Rongeur 3 MM
  • Small Curved Mosquito
  • Kerrison Rongeur 5 MM
  • Small Straight Mosquito
  • Malleable Retractor
  • Curved Crile or Hemostat
  • Big Rongeur
  • Straight Crile or Hemostat
  • Bone Cutter
  • Adson or Small Forcep Without Teeth
  • Small Rongeur
  • Adson or Small Forcep With Teeth
  • Medium Rongeur
  • Medium Forcep With Teeth
  • Small Cobb Osteotome
  • Medium Forcep Without Teeth
  • Medium Cobb Osteotome
  • Curved Metz Scissor
  • Large Cobb Osteotome
  • Straight Mayo Scissor
  • Small Osteotome
  • Curved Mayo Scissor
  • Medium Osteotome
  • Bonnie Forceps
  • Large Osteotome
  • Small Curved Iris Scissor
  • Smith Petersen Osteotome 1/4
  • Small Straight Iris Scissor
  • Smith Petersen Osteotome 3/4
  • Small Tenotomy Scissor
  • Hibbs Curette Angle Size 0
  • Small Curved Metz Scissor
  • Hibbs Curette Straight Size 2
  • Pendfield Dissector
  • Hibbs Curette Angle Size 3
  • Freer Elevator
  • Hibbs Curette Straight Size 4
  • Small Towel Clamp
  • Hibbs Curette Angle Size 2
  • Medium Towel Clamp
  • Cobb Spinal Curette Size 3
  • Single Skin Hook
  • Cobb Spinal Curette Size 3
  • Small Sharp Weitlander
  • Meyerding Retractor
  • Medium Sharp Weitlander
  • Bennet Retractor
  • Large Sharp Weitlander
  • Extra Small Richardson
  • Double Skin Hook
  • Small Richardson
  • Ragnell Retractor
  • Army/Navy Retractor
  • Sharp Senn Retractor
  • Hibbs Retractor
  • Dull Senn Retractor
  • Fukuda Retractor
  • Thin Bone Tamp
  • Mini Hohmann Retractor
  • Small Bone Tamp
  • Medium Hohmann Retractor
  • Bone Hook
  • Sharp Rake Retractor
  • Bone Clamp With Drill Guide
  • Lamina Spreader
  • Small Cobb Elelvator
  • Large Weitlander Sharp
  • Small Mallet
  • Small Gelpi
  • Medium Mallet
  • Deaver Retractor
  • Bovies
  • Stryker System 5 Stryker TPS
We have the new Hi-R 700 microscopeavailable upon request for your upcoming course with us.

THE Hi-R 700: The backbone of outpatient spine surgery

While many surgical microscopes are generally designed for a number of different surgeries, they aren’t crafted to address your specific needs in spine surgery. The Hi-R 700 is. For over 150 years, Haag-Streit has set the standard for precision mechanics and innova­tion, with deep experience in light transmission and depth of field technology. And we know outpatient spine surgery has to be viewed differently. Providing incredible visualization, long working distance, and ease of operation, the Hi-R 700 is built with spine surgery in mind.


In spine surgery, every detail, every millimeter and every shadow counts. Haag-Streit has engineered the Hi-R 700 to provide optimal visualization and illumination. Our 25mm stereo base is the widest available in the industry, resulting in ideal stereoscopic visualization and realistic, best-in-class 3D perception. There is no need to continually re-focus the microscope as the Hi-R 700 is engineered for large depth of field.


Your comfort is crucial during spine surgery, and the Hi-R 700 gives you the space you need for more efficient, effective, and ergonomic workflow. Illumination is design to penetrate all through the working distance range, even with the use of MIS tube dilator systems.


The special design of the axes results in more precise positioning and natural movement. With electromagnetic brakes and precision balance, little force is necessary to maneuver the microscope or keep it steady.

And here is the information for the breakable tables:

AMSCO 3080 Surgical Tables Now Available At Our Facility! We have a total of 3 tables in-house to be used for your next hands course. The AMSCO 3080 features a radiolucent top and can be adjusted to Trendelenburg, back, side, foot and flex positions. It comes with a remote control for easy positioning.